The black sheep is the odd one out, whether he or she is a disgrace to the family or just doesn't seem to belong.

Bloom sauce and marinade is specifically created for cooks and kitchens of all types—from homes likes yours and ours to restaurants and celebrity kitchens—you’ll never have to send out a search party to find where the flavor of your food ever disappeared to.

In kitchens, cooks have commonly resorted to salt, pepper, ketchup, and mustard along with a host of other routine spices and sauces to enhance the flavor of their cooking.

Until now.

This is why we created something brand new: a family of sauces for cooks of every level to elevate their food, drip by delicious drip, with more flavor and versatility than was previously thought possible.

We call these sauces Bloom. Why? Slow-brewed and handcrafted, our sauces bring out all the flavor and nuances your food ever had to offer.

Simply put, these sauces take your food to places other condiments and sauces have only hinted at—in other words, all your flavors bloom.

We like to think this bottle contains Instant Kitchen Redemption.

Our sauces single-handedly come in and rescue you, converting your average meal into amazing, and doing even more for meals already tempting the flavor gods.

Bloom Sauce and marinade - black sheep culinary

With recipes created and tested by our award-winning pitmaster, Chef Dave Salm refined these recipes (known in the cooking competition world as “that pit master’s secret potions”) into pure, 100% bottled deliciousness.

This is why he is a perennial winner at competitions across America.

Our exclusive sauce provides instant kitchen redemption for eggs, beef, seafood, poultry, and veggies, whether on your stove or on your grill. Even cocktails, soups, and bone broths take on new levels of flavor.

Say goodbye to disappointment in the kitchen and hello to Black Sheep Culinary Arts. Reward your mouth.