A Tribute to Dave Salm

Passion – it’s what we all want in our careers, a drive for excellence propelled by the desire to learn, the thrill of discovery. This is the story of a man with a passion for good food, David “Dave” Salm, the creator of Bloom Sauce & Marinade. A unique visionary and talented chef, his focus was on delivering quality for those he served, whether it was at his restaurant or competing in the Kansas City BBQ Society or Steak Cookoff Association circle. And his enthusiasm for quality led him to create a superior product that enhances every dish it touches.

A competitor by nature, Dave was using a national brand at BBQ competitions, but wasn’t happy with the one-dimensional flavor. So he set out to create a dynamic, balanced taste that appealed to everyone. Soon, he was getting calls to the winners’ circle. He was getting noticed, he was winning, and he was respected. Bloom Sauce & Marinade became the new flavor profile. Perfecting a flavor through passion paid off.

Beyond competitions, Dave created flavorful food for those he served at his award-winning restaurant, al corso. His palette was educated, balanced and refined. He was a teacher to his team, showing them the importance of balance when cooking, baking or doing any daily kitchen task. Bloom Sauce & Marinade is the result of his hard work. Quality for everyone, from the home cook to the professional kitchen.

He believed in working hard alongside his staff. He was caring, kind and compassionate with all whom he met, respectful of the levels of talent cooking beside him, working tirelessly to make them better. His confidence to lead and be led showed everyone the true characteristics of a high quality leader that inspired his team to excel.

His passion for life was reflected in his family. Married for 36 years to his love and life partner, Alex, together they raised four children, happy, kind and socially aware individuals. David helped teach them compassion for the less fortunate, respect for life and to live each day with passion for new experiences.

I had such respect for this man as my husband and business partner. He was kind, loving and was a man of faith. I remember the day he created the sauce. Our daughter Emily and I were tasting it and he just smiled and said, “ Isn’t that great?” Emily replied “Dad, you should bottle that stuff and sell it.” And so we did! Dave’s vision and passion brought him to create Bloom Sauce & Marinade. He was driven to excel both in his culinary career and in life. His children carry with them his love. I carry both his love and his passion for Bloom Sauce & Marinade.

Alex Salm
Chief Herder

Dave & Alex Salm Black Sheep Culinary Arts Wisconsin